Our Story

The Final Girl Winemaker

Anna has been making wine for over 20 years. Inspired by the Meg Ryan rom-com “French Kiss” which she saw at the age of 13 Anna decided to be a winemaker and has pursued that dream ever since. Educated at UC Davis, the top Enology & Viticulture School in the USA, Anna went on to work in Napa, Sonoma and a number of harvests in New Zealand, in some of the most reknown wineries in the world.

Birth of Final Girl

Anna and Peter met randomly in New Zealand in 2016 and instantly connected over their mutual love of horror and wine. Their first ever conversation happened in a kitchen at a party where they discussed what skills they would bring to the zombie apocalypse. Final Girl Wines is a blend of their two shared passions.

The Final Girl approach

At Final Girl Wines, we work with vineyards from some of the best and most renowned AVA’s in America. We select vineyards that employ sustainable, biodynamic or organic farming practices and we craft small batch wines with minimal intervention. We offer a diverse range of high quality and approachable wines. If you are a wine lover of any kind, there will be something here for you.

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Santa Barbara, California

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Peter Lancucki, Anna Clifford
Winemaking by:
Anna Clifford
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